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Rocknowledgy Episode 24

Jan 26, 2012

One whole day of Rocknowledgy.  Well, its actually about 25 hours when you add up all the minutes that go over every episode.  But either way! 24! Hope you guys are ready for Freddie, cause this one's a scorcher. PACE.

Rocknowledgy Episode 24 playlist:

T-6000- intro, Rory Gallagher- Sinner Boy, They Might Be...

Rocknowledgy Episode 23

Jan 18, 2012

yo yo yo bo bo. Alahoyus once again and welcome to the 23rd episode of Valient Himself's Rocknowledgy.  We are well on our way now ladies and gents.  Now its time to get weird.  Thanx for your patronage.  Keep circling the tapes.

Rocknowledgy Episode 23 playlist:

Intro by T-6000, Red Fang- Wires, Big Star- O My Soul,...

Rocknowledgy Episode 22

Jan 10, 2012

Alahoyus once again true believers!  Its ROCKNOWLEDGY deuce deuce! YA KNOW WHAT I'M TALKIN BOUT!  We dug out some wild gems this week.  Some PiL and some Pet Shop Boys, and an awesome track by a band called Room.  Hope you dig it, as always, feel free to call us for weird requests, nerd ish, waxing philosophically, or...

Rocknowledgy Episode 21

Jan 3, 2012

Alahoyus brollums y broskeetas around the world!  It's 2 Thorrsand 12!  let's get ready to pump this mother up with whatever life is left in it!  A lot of people think this may be the end of the world, but for most of us, we believe that it could be the beginning of something beautiful.  Open up your nose and let the...