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Rocknowledgy Episode: 40

Dec 4, 2013

Alahoyus truest believers!  It is I Valient Himself back with the Nov episode of Rocknowledgy.... Yeah I'm a few days late.  It happens.  I was in Europe all month.  Anyway, this is a helluva show that me and the T-6000 whipped up for ya.  Oh- if it looks like somehow you missed episode 39, its because last month I was...

Rocknowledgy Episode 39 (A Tribute to my father)

Oct 30, 2013

Hey everyone.  So so sorry for the long break.  After a long hiatus, I was geared up to begin again with a new episode on October 10th.  Unfortunately my Earth father passed away and it was heavy and terrible and all that.  So, without saying much more, I decided to push the other episode and make my first show back in...

Rocknowledgy Episode- 38

Mar 28, 2013

alahoyus everyone!  Its been a long few months!  We were away making a new rekkid!  Suppose you heard about that!  It comes out June 18th and its called OUR OWN MASTERS.  Very excited.  Also excited about this episode where we reveal the winner of the theme song contest. Thanks to all the participants of whom we play...