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Rocknowledgy Episode 21

Jan 3, 2012

Alahoyus brollums y broskeetas around the world!  It's 2 Thorrsand 12!  let's get ready to pump this mother up with whatever life is left in it!  A lot of people think this may be the end of the world, but for most of us, we believe that it could be the beginning of something beautiful.  Open up your nose and let the air breathe in.  Oxygen to tha brain jack.

In the recording I refer to the Little Willie and the Adolescents cover by the Dwarves as by Little Willie and the "Alexanders".  I don't know where that came from.  Rambling I guess....

Rocknowledgy 21 playlist:

Intro by T-6000, Golden- Feel This Flow, Syd Barrett- Octopus, Junior Brown- Darlin' I'll Do Anything You Say, Kut U Up- S&M Dens, Thrills- Hey! (Not Another Face In The Crowd), Lee Fields & The Expressions- Money I$ King, Lungfish- Sex War, Public Enemy- I Ain't Mad At All, Dwarves- Get Outta My Life (Little Willie and the Adolescents cover), Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band- Too Much Time, Bloodlet- Shell, Young Marble Giants- N.I.T.A., Avail- New #2, Excelsior- Midnight Rendezvous, Alice Cooper- Shoe Salesman, T-6000 outro, The Walker Brothers- The Electrician