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Rocknowledgy Episode 30

Apr 29, 2012

yo yo yo yo yaw!! DANG Its been a looooooong time jahs! Alahoyus all of my Rocknowledgists! Me and the T-6000 are back with episode 30 and hopefully back again once a week now that we have a little break before the summer tour.  This week we play catch up with tons of jams including new jams from Municipal Waste and Mean Jeans.  Also some Spanish bands debut like A Hard and '77.  So sit back, grab something delicious, spark up and crank tha volume.  Here we go!  - Valient Himself

Episode 30 Playlist:

T2K- intro, Mean Jeans- Ready 2 Rip, The Outsiders- Do you feel Allright?, A Certain Ratio- Do the Du, Primal Fear- Riding the Eagle, SNFU- a better place, Ed Schrader's Music Beat- Rats, The Boys- Sick on you, Voivod- Macrosolutions to Megaproblems, Linton Kwesi Johnson- Fite Dem Back, Dio- Shame on the Night, Neil Young & Crazy Horse- Don't Cry No Tears, Municipal Waste- death tax, Suicidal Tendencies- Disco's out/Murder's in, A Hard- The Pary in la playa, '77- Are you ready for rocknroll?, Javelin- Intervale's theme, T2k-outro, Leonard Cohen- Hey That's no way to say goodbye