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Rocknowledgy Episode 32

Jun 25, 2012

YO! Alahoyus one and all!  Hello to you all from the road!  Recorded this week's episode at The Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis, MN over the best vegan sloppy joe I've ever had.  Thank you guys for the kudos and the love you've shown for the podcast out here on the road.  Sorry that the episodes take so long to produce these days... I'll try to do better.  But I do have a lovely show for you today with many new jams, some even to me.  Thanks to Melissa for making me a mix and turning me on to new jams.  Even the best teachers and professors can learn from the students.  Not to say that I'm the best or anything... but I digress. I should've cranked some Prince this week too since we're in Minneapolis, but too late now... Oh well, there's always next time.  Don't worry tho, I showed em some love.  Download or stream, crank it up and kick back jack.  Thank you all from me and the T-6000!!!

Episode 32 Playlist:

T6K- intro, Troyka- Berry Picking, The Replacements- I Hate Music, Larry Wallis- On Parole, The Walker Brothers- Nite Flights, The Hellacopters- Baby Borderline, 2Pac- Souljah's Revenge, 7 Seconds- Out of Touch, Black Eyes- Letter to Raoul Peck, Wreckless Eric- (I'd Go The) Whole Wide World, Colonel Abrams- Trapped, Medications- Long Day, Lee Fields & The Expressions- I Still Got It, Dope Body- Weird Mirror, Death- Scavenger Of Human Sorrow, The Velvet Underground- New Age, Guided By Voices- Car Language, Paul Giovanni- Corn Riggs, T6K- outro, Berzilla Wallin - Conversation with Death