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Rocknowledgy Episode- 38

Mar 28, 2013

alahoyus everyone!  Its been a long few months!  We were away making a new rekkid!  Suppose you heard about that!  It comes out June 18th and its called OUR OWN MASTERS.  Very excited.  Also excited about this episode where we reveal the winner of the theme song contest. Thanks to all the participants of whom we play all their jams, so you'll get to hear them yourself.  Ok, lots to do, hope you enjoy this, and stay tuned for more stuff coming soon!!! Gonna be a wild rest of the year!!!

Episode 38 playlist:

T6000- intro, Killing Floor- Fido Castrol, Ahab's Ghost- Rocknowledgy Theme, Fortress- Rocknowledgy Theme, Shogun Assassins- Rocknowledgy Theme, Hammer of Satan- P Wizard, Tank- Run Like Hell, Scott Walker- 30th Century Man, Thin Lizzy- It's Only Money, Gray Matter- Chutes and Ladders, The Evens- Wanted Criminals, Captain Beyond- Evil Men, JFA- Walk Don't Run, CSC Funk Band- Catcher's Mitt, Nu Sensae- Sleeping Blouse, Frank Zappa- Magic Fingers, N.W.H.- White Cops On Dope, Fanny- Ain't That Peculiar, Kiss- Under The Rose, The Mattoid- Rat Poison, T6000-outro, Charlie Feathers- One Hand Loose