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Rocknowledgy Episode 41

Jan 14, 2014

Alahoyus everyone in the world!  Hope 2014 is going well for ya! We're already behind, but don't care! So this is Decembers' episode and we'll try to knock another out this month as well.  Playing a new game this year called STUMP T-6000!  You can just write in to valientthorratgmaildotcom or call us at 850 583 6871 and leave her a question.  We'll answer as many as we can next episode.  She's good at most stuff.  Except math.  Don't send math questions.  Anyway, tons of jams on this week, check em out and crank em up!!!


Episode 41 playlist:  Intro by T-6000, Judas Priest- Better By You, Better Than Me, Frank Zappa- Florentine Pogen, George Jones- If I Don't Love You (Grits Ain't Groceries), ZZ Top- Ko Ko Blue, David Bowie- The Supermen (alt), Creta Bourzia- We're Quitting Tomorrow, The Everly Brothers- Man With Money, Bowl Ethereal- Twenty Three Exciter Dreams, Bauhaus- In Fear Of Dub, Status Quo- Backwater, D.R.I.- You Say I'm Scum, My Dad Is Dead- Fireball, Skeletonwitch- I Am Of Death, Adolescents- Rip It Up, Dogs- Death Lane, The Dictators- Exposed, Hawkwind- Lost Johnny, Misfits- Some Kinda Hate, Mooney Suzuki- I Say I Love You, Outro- T-6000, Europe- Danger On The Track