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Rocknowledgy Episode 20

Dec 28, 2011

Alahoyus to all! Happy New Year! Valient and the T-6000 back with their 20th Episode!  Get ready for some killer jams.  Pop some bottles yall.

Episode 20 playlist: Intro by T-6000, Comets On Fire- Dogwood Rust, Death- Keep On Knocking, Annihilation Time- Get A Job, Zior- Entrance Of The Devil, Captain Beyond- Dancing...

Rocknowledgy Episode 19 (Xmas Special)

Dec 23, 2011

alahoyus to all and to all a good night!  Tired of your boring old Xmas party mix.  Me and the T-6000 are here to help.  I almost didn't do a holiday show, because most of my friends hate Xmas music.... BUT I think it's because everyone usually plays the same old stuff.  Just like we always do, Rocknowledgy digs deep in...

Rocknowledgy Episode 18

Dec 13, 2011

Hello everyone! A la peanut butter SANDwiches!  That's what the Amazing Mumford used to say.  He had some sweet eyebrows, and a sweet stache too if you wanna go there.  Have no idea who I'm speaking of?  Well you may just want to google him.  He was.... amazing.  This week we crush the hopes and dreams of everyone else...

Rocknowledgy Episode 17

Dec 5, 2011

Alahoyus YALLLL. This is episode 17.  Feeling like an animal and laying around on a heating pad all week after getting in a wreck, Valient decides to wreck your ears with some crushing jams this week.  He is good, his back and neckbone have been better.  But he will LIVE to rock again!!  Posi vibes to you guys from...